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Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 (64-bit) Windows 7 9.0

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There are over a billion Windows customers in the world today.

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Microsoft releases Internet Explorer 9 beta
Microsoft's Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) beta now available to the masses.

Most of them spend more time browsing the web than any other activity on their computer. We build Windows Internet Explorer for these customers. Our focus is on making sure that the number one activity that customers do is as compelling an experience as the native applications installed on their computers. In designing Internet Explorer 9, we have optimized the browsing experience for the Windows customer. This focus has informed everything that we have done in planning, developing, and releasing the latest version of Internet Explorer.

Currently, people experience one thing from the applications that are installed on their computer and something different from the web. Using a browser is often associated with limited performance and interactivity. But, the web is about to take a significant step forward.

To start, you need a browser that is built around HTML5 and modern web standards. For HTML5 to reach its full promise you also need a browser architected to take advantage of the full computing power of your PC through Windows. And finally, you need to take the web out of the browser box, your favorites sites should be seamlessly integrated with Windows 7 and behave just like a native application. All these elements combined promise to unlock what's next on the web.


Windows 7.