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MP3 LisTaGo 2.0

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MP3 LisTaGo is Windows software that helps you create structured MP3 discs to take with you and play in any MP3 player or stereo, with the songs in the order that YOU want to hear them, regardless of whether your MP3 player supports reading MP3 playlist files.

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7 / XP / Vista
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There are a variety of MP3 players and software that allow you to create 'playlists', where you select the songs that you want to group together, put them in the order you like to hear them, and save the list. The resulting playlist files are called 'M3U files', and you can load them in your MP3 player or software...

But what if your MP3 player/stereo can't read or load these files? Well, there are many types of players that support MP3s, such as hand-held players, smart-phones, home stereos, home DVD players, car stereos, etc. Some of these players can read the MP3 playlist files that you create, and some players can only read folders that you can select. The problem with the latter is that they allow you to pick and play folders of music, but they play the songs in alphabetical order within each folder, so you don't have control over the order in which you hear your songs. MP3 LisTaGo takes care of this. You'll be creating MP3 discs with 'playlist folders' that will play the songs in the order you choose, regardless of the type of player you're long as it supports MP3s.

MP3 LisTaGo's features include: a Playlist/ID3 tag editor, multi-user support, manage multiple projects with multiple playlists, drag and drop functionality, prevention of duplicate songs in each playlist, importing songs from other playlists, and more.

What's new in version 2.0?

  • completely redesigned the user interface and rewrote the code using WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) and .Net Framework 4.0
  • you can now rename projects and playlists when you choose to edit the currently selected project or playlist
  • you can now import an existing playlist from another MP3 LisTaGo project into the project that you're working on
  • added song details and playlist durations to the playlist views in the main screen and playlist editor
  • added more right-click menus to the source selections box and playlist view box, to view a song's details from it's ID3 tags
  • added more visual and descriptive messages indicating warnings, errors, and tasks in progress
  • fixed some minor bugs


Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 or higher.