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The Missing Sync for Symbian 1.0

Wirelessly synchronize information and files between your Mac and Nokia, Sony Ericsson or Samsung Symbian OS handset - contacts, calendars, tasks, plus your favorite music, photos, videos and documents.

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10.4 / 10.5 / 10.6
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Your information stays in sync between Address Book, Microsoft Entourage, iCal and phones like the Nokia N95, Nokia E71, Sony Ericsson P1i and Samsung i520.

The Missing Sync for Symbian is the first Mark/Space product to feature Proximity Sync technology. This new approach to synchronization uses Bluetooth technology to sync data automatically when your phone and Mac are with 30 feet of one another. You don't need to remember to sync ever again. When your mobile phone is within range of your Mac, Proximity Sync will connect via Bluetooth technology and synchronize the correct information.

Most feature-rich Symbian OS smartphones are supported, including the Nokia N95 (and other Nokia Nseries phones) and Nokia E61 (and other Nokia Eseries phones). The Missing Sync for Symbian enhances the multimedia, business and productivity capabilities of phones from Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung and Motorola by connecting them to a Mac.


Mac OS X 10.4.11 or later. iTunes 6.0 or later. iPhoto 5.0 or later. Native Bluetooth support. Symbian S60 (3rd Rev or later) and Sony Ericsson and Motorola mobile phones running Symbian UIQ 3.0 or later.