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SEO SpyGlass 5.7.3

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You can get some fantastic link building insights from top-ranked competitors in your niche, and as you know, links matter a great deal when it comes to search engine rankings. So how can we spy on competitors without them knowing about it? Eeasy. Let's take SEO SpyGlass tool for a quick spin and see what it can do.

- Find backlinks. With SEO SpyGlass, you can find thousands of competitor links, and find them fast.

- Analyze backlinks. SEO SpyGlass measures each backlink against 60 crucial SEO metrics on both domain and linking page level. So, using just one tool, you get to see thinks like *Alexa and Comete ranks, *Google PR, Nofollow tags, *broken and expired links, *backlink anchor text and title, *backlink page domain age and *number of outgoing links on a backlink domain, *and an extra special SEO SpyGlass metric - SEO value - giving you a quick snapshot of each backlink's true SEO worth.

- Uncover competitors' strategic backlink sources. With SEO SpyGlass, you get to see if competitor backlinks come from particular platform. Seeing links from forums? blogs? social media? articles? - then ask yourself "am I doing the same?". If not, better start, soon to get ahead of the game and have SEO SpyGlass leading the way.

- Complete Google Analytics integration. Run your website through SEO SpyGlass, log into your Google Analytics account directly through the tool, and it will tell you how much traffic you get from each backlink.

Plus, using the special Scheduler feature, you can set SEO SpyGlass to work completely on autopilot. This way SEO SpyGlass works just was well when you are away or busy with other things. Done with your business? Check your email. SEO SpyGlass just sent you an expert SEO backlink report. Easy, professional, fast reliable - that's SEO SpyGlass for you. Get it and track competitors every move, I mean link.