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Study Cards by John Amoratis 0.6

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This is a study card program in its very early stages.

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It is an "alpha" program which shows the progress I have made towards completing the full program. It is something I work on only in my spare time and may take years and years to complete on this basis. It is oriented towards the same functionality as other wonderful software such as "Genius" and "Ebbinghaus" which are two other study card programs. The idea is that it will someday include all of their functionality and more. I am a student and these kinds of programs are very useful to me, so in my spare time I have worked on making a program that meets all my studying needs. Right now, it may even be too early to use this program in actual studying, but the basic functionality is present and in the coming years, little by little, I may add to it. I have very little time to work on this though, so I don't have a chance to pay much attention to it. I just want to be realistic about any expectations of updates.