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Aptana Studio 2.0.5

The world's leading IDE for building open web applications.

Published by:
7 / XP / 2003 / Vista

Why are Web developers world-wide choosing Aptana Studio? They've discovered that Aptana Studio offers unprecedented support for web app development combined with today's popular Web platforms. Download Studio as standalone tool or plug it into Eclipse to see for yourself. It's your choice. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript Code Assist helps you author HTML, CSS and JavaScript code more quickly. It supports all HTML elements and properties and generates suggestions and hints for CSS. Includes support for custom objects as you create them. Support for popular JavaScript libraries and frameworks such as jQuery, prototype, scriptaculous, Ext JS and more. For each you get code assist, importable sample projects, and doc links at your fingertips. Debug! Studio integrates with Firebug for Firefox and Internet Explorer, offering multiple debugging options including breakpoints, stepping through code, DOM inspection, and more.