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ARKITool 2011

file size: 73.87 MB

More than 500 programs than they are possible to be found in ARKITool 2011 exist utilities for:

BLO-ACAPA: passes all entities into a single layer.

Published by:
7 / NT / XP / Vista

GEN-TRANSLATE: Translate the program into any language ARKITool DIB-FILL: Fill or shade using blocks or images. ARC-CALCO: Prepare a drawing to use as underlay. MSU-ROAD: Calculate square feet of paint. TOP-ELEVPUNTOS: Sets the height or elevation points with reference to a text or nearby curve. LIM-DUPLICATE: Locate all duplicate entities in the drawing. EDI-FORPARALELA ago one of the sides parallel selected. ARQ-FILLING: Details construtivos wall in plan or section. ARQ-CONTAUTO: Automatically calculates contours of architecture. ARQ-AREADIN: To modify an outline within a limited area. EDI-EXTENTRAMO: Extend entities but creating new sections. ARC-CAMBIARXREF: Change the external file references TOP-SLOPE: Represents a slope factor. BLO-SOLID: Solidify a block to hide the bodies back ATR-NOGIRAR: Keep the orientation of the attributes. BLO-BINDING: Link attributes of the blocks. ARQ-LEVEL: Create dynamic heights level elevations or sections. ARQ-RAMP: To create access ramps. ARQ-PERSPEDIN: polyline represents a conical perspective. BLO-EXISTS: Avoid creating blocks that have the same geometry. INF-DISTTEXTO: Measure the distance between 2 points defined by two texts. TOP-TROZOTERRENO: Get a piece of a 3D terrain. VIS-PANVENTANA: Allows you to scroll in a window with a view immobilized. TOP-INTERPOLARELEV: Interpol 2 lifts blocks with defined attributes. TXT-WAREHOUSE: Manage AutoCAD texts to avoid having to rewrite more texts. TOP-AREA: Calculate the area of ??a piece of 3D terrain. TOP VACUUM: calculate the volumn of a 3D terrain areas. TOP-urbanized plots extract information from the drawing. TOP-SOLID: Convert a 3D terrain (grid) in a solid (ACIS). TOP-LOCPARCELAS: Locate plots in the drawing from the names of them. TOP-Interpol: Interpol new curves between 2 curves or polylines. TOP-IMPORT: Import points from a text file. TOP-EXPORT: Exports the drawing coordinates to a table or a file. TOP-SPLIT: Divide equally an irregular polygon. TOP-DISTANCE: Measures real distance on a 3D terrain. TOP-SMOOTHING: Removes vertices intermediate polylines. TOP-settings: the vertices of polylines with respect to point features. POL-SPLIT: Split a polyline closed polylines 2. MSU-CREASUMACAPA: Sumta all dimensions contained in a given layer. LAY-ORDER: Change order of entities, ordering the layers. EST-PROFILE: Draw all kinds of metal profiles and formed laminate. EST-post: Calculate number of units, length and weight of the labeled material. EDI-PARALELADIN: Create a parallel dynamic entity DIB-DIVCONTORNO: Divide a horizontal or vertical contour TOC-SUM: Creates a sum with all the selected dimension text. COT-MLINEA: Refine all the entities cut by one or more lines. CON-POL3POL2D: Convert 3D polylines into 2D polylines. BLO-LIST: Create a table of blocks with the number of insertions. BLO-ALINEARTODOS, align all blocks on a curve automatically. 3D-UNE3DPOL: Attach 2 polylines in 3D. 3D-PARALLEL: parallel 3D polylines ago in plan and elevation.