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Randommite 1.5

file size: 11.77 MB

Randommite is a powerful data set generator.

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Trial Period:
15 Days
10.4 / 10.5 / 10.6 / OS X

Within moments, it enables you to generate large amounts of realistic user-defined data with complete control over the type, range, amount and format. Randommite's power and flexibility saves time and money; it pays for itself on the very first day of use -- especially if you utilize costly consultants.

With ease, Randommite can output records in a variety of modern and legacy formats: XML, SQL, Fixed, HTML, CSV, Grids, Variable, and Custom user-defined formats.

Out of the box, Randommite supplies the following field types for building output records:

* Numbers (defined range of integer, decimal, hexadecimal, octal, or binary) * Statistical (supply a mean and standard deviation) * Alphanumeric (names, addresses, dates, text, characters, ip addresses, lottery combinations, and more) * Sequences (define a start and incremental value) * Literals (static text where you need it) * Built-In Value Lists (50+ data lists and growing) * Custom Value Lists (ultimate versatility, define reusable lists containing thousands of values)

Randommite is built from the ground up for reuse. Often-used data generation settings can be saved as a favorite, and Randommite maintains a viewable usage history. This allows a new set of data to be generated any time utilizing past user-defined settings. Data sets can be quickly copied into other applications, or written to disk for reuse at a later time.

How large does your data set need to be? Whether it's a few dozen results or tens of millions -- Randommite has you covered.