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CalendarMaker 5.0.7

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CalendarMaker 5 is the most flexible presentation calendar creation application you have ever wanted.

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10.4 / 10.5 / 10.6

With CalendarMaker you can make custom calendars for your newsletter, your Web site, your school, your church, your club, your team, your refrigerator... your anything. And templates are included. Use your creativity to design calendars that everyone in your organization will notice.

The calendars you can make with CalendarMaker are amazing and the variations are almost limitless. You don't have to stop with the templates. You can change anything you want after you pick a template... or even make your own monthly, bi-monthly or annual calendar entirely from scratch. And when you have your calendar just the way you like it... make it a template, too!

A calendar is nothing without events. When is the next game? The party is when? You can make and edit events, set them to repeat if needed and then print out your calendars and stick them on the break room bulletin board or e-mail them to friends and family.

Making your calendars is just the start. You will also want to share them. You can print your calendars or print to PDF for e-mail. You can also export your calendars to HTML or place in Pages or InDesign.