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webgrep 2.11

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webgrep is a set of utilities for Webmasters.

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It consists of srcgrep, hrefgrep, taggrep, lshtmlref, blnkcheck, httpcheck and webfgrep.

srcgrep is quite useful for quickly checking which images are included in a Web page and for seeing where they come from.

webgrep searches for the background in a Web page.

hrefgrep works basically like srcgrep, except that it searches for a href= ... /a or area ... href= ...

taggrep is a generic grep utility designed to search for a given HTML tag, then list the document title of a number of Web pages.

webfgrep is a poor man's Web search engine.

blnkcheck is a utility designed to check for broken links in Web pages. blnkcheck is very fast and checks only relative links, but together with httpcheck, it can also check absolute links of protocol type HTTP.

httpcheck is a Perl script that checks for the existence of a Web page by issuing a HEAD request to the Web server.

httpcheck can also perform requests by way of a proxy server.

lshtmlref is a utility designed to build tar archives from a number of HTML pages. It helps you to include images, textfiles and more into the tar archive.