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CADopia 15 Professional 12

file size: 256.52 MB

CADopia 12 Professional Edition is a full-featured CAD solution.

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30 Days
7 / XP / 2003 / Vista / 2008 Server
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CADopia 15 Professional Edition is a full-featured CAD solution. The advanced features in this edition include full ACIS 3D solid modeling, customization and programming API support, and realistic rendering support in addition to all the standard edition drafting features.

The major features supported in CADopia 15 Professional Edition are:

Powerful CAD functionality:

  • AutoCAD 2.5-2016 DWG Support.
  • Comprehensive suite of drafting, design and detailing tools.
  • ACIS solid modeling.
  • Export Adobe Acrobat (PDF) files from your drawings.
  • Multiple layouts.
  • Import/export DWF files for viewing drawings on the Internet.
  • Raster Image insertion and editing.
  • AutoLisp.
  • Fly over snapping.
  • Clipping support for references, images and viewports.
  • Complex Linetype.
  • Boundary and associative hatching.
  • Dimensioning and annotations.
  • Attributes, text, multiline text.
  • Printing and plotting.
  • TrueType fonts.
  • True color support.
  • 3D Surface Display commands.
  • Real time pan and zoom.
  • Print Style Tables.
  • Save and restore drawing environment variables.
  • Import Shape Files in .SHP format.
  • Template files.
  • Supports standard CAD commands.
  • Supports standard menu (.MNU) files.
  • 3D surface commands.
  • Group command.
  • Polar tracking.
  • Reference files support.
  • The digital User Guide is included in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.
  • Integrated Flexible License Managment tool including optional support for floating network licenses.

Productivity Tools:

  • Tabs for paper-space layouts.
  • Drawing recovery and error checking support.
  • Property sheets for easier editing.
  • Entity Lineweight Support.
  • User Profiles Manager.
  • Fly-over snapping.
  • ActiveX support including in-place editing.
  • Real time pan and zoom.
  • Copy with base point.
  • Paste as block.
  • Advanced Layer Management tools.
  • Add/edit voice notes.
  • Property Painter support for easier formatting.

Customization Support:
  • Lisp support.