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tazti (for 64bit Windows 7/Vista) Speech Voice Recognition Software: Dictation, API, PC Game Aide 2.0.2

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Dictate to docs, play PC Games, operate iTunes, control your PC, + API, all by talking to your PC.

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14 Days
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This is the tazti 64bit Windows 7 / 64 bit Vista version. You will find tazti versions for 32 bit Vista/Windows 7 & XP/XP Pro listed separately on this site. Be sure to choose and download the correct version for your PC. This version includes Free and trial(Premium) features.

tazti Premium Features: Control virtually any PC video game or program using tazti gaming speech commands. API - Create speech commands to connect & control robots, programs & other websites. Upgrade from 30 custom speech commands to 75 custom speech commands. Easily turn off built-in tazti speech commands that you don't want to use. Customize audio options for voice search & other signal sounds to a WAV audio files you want. Turn off the balloon caption that tells you what tazti heard.

tazti Free to Use Features: Dictate simple letters, notes etc. into word processors, web mail etc with tazti jot-a-note. Log into, navigate & search Facebook & Myspace by speaking to your PC. Control the iTunes player (by Apple) if it's installed on your PC, change tracks, adjust volume, search itunes music store & perform 30 other functions by speaking to their PC. Perform voice searches & spellsearches of (Google, Yahoo, Bing, Wikipedia, Twitter, YouTube, Dailymotion, Flicker, Amazon, Ebay and ASK etc.). Also local searches of Google and yahoo! Search stocks on Google finance! Create your own speech command & associate a hyperlink/ software program/ file to the new speech command. 30 free custom speech commands available. Search bookmarks/favorites by voice. Control Operating System with speech commands like click", "double click, "Go Windows Explorer", "Go To My Desktop", "Go To My Documents", etc. Set your mouse as a right handed or left handed mouse.