Rohan Jayasekera Joins The Herd

One of the best parts of my role here at Tucows is being able to bring talented people into the company.

I’m thrilled to announce that Rohan Jayasekera has joined my team as Director of the Tucows Email Service.

At the risk of sounding like a stalker, I’ve had my eye on Rohan since I first met him at a BarCamp event here in Toronto a few years ago. I was impressed by Rohan’s deep insights on the topic our little “unconference” group was talking about (although I can’t for the life of me remember what exactly we were discussing) and when I got home I did a quick Google on Rohan and found a peer with an incredibly interesting background.

Rather than gush about exact how great a fit Rohan is, I’ll just point you to his blog post about joining Tucows so you can hear it from the man.

2 thoughts on “Rohan Jayasekera Joins The Herd

  1. Rohan Jayasekera

    Thanks! I’m replacing Kim Phelan, who after 7 years at Tucows has moved on to a very interesting job as Director of Product Management at No changes with Ross Rader, who as head of Tucows’ Retail Services (i.e. Domain Direct and others) is now one of my customers: he’s a reseller of Tucows’ email services to the public, like our other resellers except that if I meet him for lunch the company won’t pay for it 🙂 .

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