Tucows and Afternic.com Team Up for Expired Domain Auction

Tucows has just announced that it is collaborating with Afternic to auction Tucows’ large daily inventory of expired domain names. You can read the full news release with further details or visit our Reseller services site for further information.

To answer some of the questions our Resellers may have about expired domain name auctions, we’ve prepared a video with Bill Sweetman, General Manager, Domain Portfolio, Tucows.

3 thoughts on “Tucows and Afternic.com Team Up for Expired Domain Auction

  1. Domain Watcher

    Question: From an accounting standpoint will income from the sale of expired domain names in the Afternic internet auctions be considered to fall under Business Line 1 (Domain Registration) as part of Tucows’ business partnerships with your resellers or will income from these sales full under Business Line 2 (Domain Portfolio Management) as part of Tucows’ domain portfolio sales?

    I am assuming that since Bill Sweetman is making the announcement, the answer is the latter. Is that correct?

    Best regards,

    Domain Watcher

  2. Bill Sweetman

    Your assumption is correct, Domain Watcher. Income from expired domain auction sales falls under Business Line 2 (Domain Portfolio Management).



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