Tucows Announces Release of Platypus Billing System V5.0

Service Providers Gain Flexibility and Operating Efficiencies With Back Office Systems Designed Specifically to Meet Their Unique Requirements

TORONTO, CANADA, June 17, 2004 — Tucows Inc. (OTCBB:TCOW) today announced the general release of Platypus Billing System v5.0 and Wombat Help Desk v2.0, the company’s back office solution suite for service providers.

Platypus v5.0 includes significant enhancements to further improve service providers’ operating efficiencies and manage back office complexity.

* A single system can manage the billing and provisioning for multiple subsidiary companies through using the virtual company functionality. This reduces the costs of billing for subsidiary companies or operating a wholesale division and billing resellers.
* The powerful rating engine enables the service provider to offer creative and flexible billing plans while ensuring the costs of the services are recouped.
* Flexible provisioning capabilities allows accurate provisioning and deprovisioning of services, reduces account management costs and ensures customers are billed for all the services used.
* Automated batch functionality to perform billing tasks on a timely basis, reducing staff costs.

Wombat Help Desk v2.0 contains functionality to generate time and cost savings, including: a collaborative environment for problem solving, sophisticated rules for escalation and notification tools for faster response times and improved workflow processes for back office efficiency.

“Flexible billing systems allow service providers to quickly and easily respond to market demand and competitive pressures by adding new services and changing service bundles or billing plans,” said Elliot Noss, President and CEO, Tucows Inc. “Service providers can also reduce their operating costs and lost revenue from unbilled services by utilizing a billing system built specifically for our industry.”

The Platypus Billing System was first introduced eight years ago and has grown to become a leading reoccurring billing and subscriber management solution for ISPs, ASPs and wireless providers. Avalon Systems Inc., a leading provider of internet and intranet services with customers around the world, is a long-time user of the Platypus Billing System. “Having a billing system that was designed specifically to meet the needs of service providers means we can react more quickly to market opportunities,” said Fred Rappuhn, President Avalon Systems Inc. “We operate three distinct companies, so the virtual company functionality in Platypus V5.0 is just what we need to further rationalize our back office processes.”

Tucows Platypus Billing System v5.0 and Wombat Help Desk v2.0 are available immediately. Interested service providers can visit http://platypus.tucows.com

About Tucows

Tucows Inc. is a leading provider of wholesale Internet services and back office solutions to a global network of more than 6,000 web hosting companies, ISPs and other service providers. As the largest ICANN-accredited wholesale domain name registrar, Tucows offers a suite of complementary internet services including: domain name registration and management, digital certificates, email services and web publishing services. Tucows back office products, including the Platypus Billing System and customer relationship management solutions, enable service providers to automate and enhance their service offerings. Tucows also distributes software and other digital content through its global network of affiliates offering more than 40,000 software titles. For more information, please visit: www.tucowsinc.com.

Jacqueline Cook
Director Marketing
Tucows Inc.

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