Tucows does Dragon Boat

The Mad Cows, our Dragon Boat team was in action at the 13th Annual GWN Dragon Boat Challenge this past weekend. Here are reports from team members Sheilagh Rennie and Maria Estepa, who are account managers here at Tucows:

Sheilagh writes:

On Saturday September 8th, the Tucows “Mad Cows” took part in our first Dragon Boat tournament. The event played host to over 5,000 participants and 20,000 spectators. Our team was racing in support of Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Toronto and we raised over $1,000 for the cause. The Mad Cows took part in 4 races: 2 on Saturday and 2 on Sunday. Sunday proved to be our better day, although we got off to a rocky start in our morning race. Our final standing was 3rd in our division, which we thought was quite an accomplishment for a beginner team which unfortunately did not get as much practice as we would have liked. Everyone had a great time and many family members and friends came out to support us. Most importantly, the Mad Cows stood out to others as a team with great spirit: our Tucows chants and our mooing could be heard from miles away! Thanks to everyone who came out to support us and for those who participated. I’m looking forward to racing again next year!

Maria writes:

As a first timer of Dragon Boat racing I found the experience to be quite exciting. Considering we had only minimal practice and only 1 or 2 experienced paddlers, we gave it our all and fared well against the competition. The victory in my eyes was us successfully finishing the race with lots of team spirit even though it included no gold medal. All weekend we laughed, practiced, ate, drank and mooed together like a herd of cows. We made up a wonderful chant that got us looks from different teams but we paid no attention. Saturday’s weather was wonderful and some of us got to enjoy the sun by sitting outside of our tent, walking around or playing volleyball in a circle. Unfortunately Sunday morning weather was muggy and drizzling with rain but we conquered it and managed to still paddle our hardest in the cold damp weather. All in all a fun experience and I‚Äôd be more than happy to try again next year! Thanks to Adam and Donna our team captains for making it happen.

Tucows Dragon Boat team 2007
Go Mad Cows Go! The Tucows dragon boaters.

Tucows dragon boat team members prepare for a race.
The Mad Cows at practice. Look at those happy smiling faces!

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