Tucows Inc. Announces Enhancements to www.tucows.com

Leading software download site adds capacity and improves usability to meet customer demands

TORONTO, CANADA, 31 May, 2005 — Tucows Inc. (OTCBB:TCOW), today announced the launch of the new design and mirror network architecture for its pioneering software download site www.tucows.com.

“Tucows.com provides services to four distinct constituencies: software users, software developers, advertisers and the global network of ISPs that mirror the site to their customers”, said Elliot Noss, President and CEO, Tucows Inc. This significant redesign of the site and of the mirroring process was precipitated by growing demands from each of these constituents, such as, the growth in the average file size of a software title, the increase in the number of titles requesting distribution, the variety of applications demanded by users and the growing attractiveness of the site’s technically sophisticated audience to advertisers.”

New library categories can be easily supported. Software for iPods is now available and PSPTM software will soon be added. The editorial content has been increased and RSS feeds have been added. These changes will help users gain maximum benefit from their computer, the Internet and the software that they download. In order to ensure the site continues to be easy to use, the navigation has been completely redesigned, taking advantage of current usability best practices. The mirroring system has been reengineered to increase download capacity and speed without increasing the capacity required of any single mirror partner.

The new design has been in preview for the past several weeks and has been praised by developers, users, advertisers and mirror partners:

“I like the look of the new site. Making the mirrors automatic is a really good step. Having to select one was always a pain to me. ‚Ķ nice job. Thanks” Bret Reece, – Five O’clock Software, Software Developer

“Congratulations! I haven’t visited this site for a long time, and this is such great improvement. Visually, it is simple and effective. Navigation is easy, and most obvious is that you don’t have some of the ‘mumbo jumbo’ of other freeware websites which generally gives that impression that they are there solely to insert trojans and spywares into your computer. Thank you once again.” Chak Ng – Australia, User

The company attributes some of the success of the website to its longstanding practice of reviewing software for datamining programs, third-party adware modules, spyware and viruses before it is included in the libraries.

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