Tucows Integrates Its OpenSRS Provisioning and Management Platform with Platypus Billing System

Creates a Unified Solution for Service Providers to Order, Provision, Bill, and Provide Customer Care for Domain Names, Blogware, and Other Services

TORONTO, CANADA (4, August 2005) – Tucows Inc. (OTCBB:TCOW) announces the launch of Platypus 5.1, the first Platypus release with support and integration for other Tucows services, domains and Blogware (http://resellers.tucows.com/backoffice/).

Tucows acquired Platypus with the purchase of Boardtown Corporation in April, 2004. At that time Tucows was clear in its intention to move Platypus towards provisioning multiple services in addition to access. This release takes an important step on that road. “We knew Platypus did a great job of billing, provisioning and customer care for ISPs and we also knew that in order to meet the needs of the market today it had to continue to evolve. Today, service providers need to bill, provision and support multiple services. They need more bundling and pricing flexibility” said Elliot Noss, CEO of Tucows.

In addition, Tucows is releasing a new version of its OpenSRS client code suite for service providers (http://ccs.tucows.com/), which provides real benefits when used in connection with Platypus 5.1. Most importantly, the new client code suite allows service providers to easily create a better-quality buying process for services and enhances a service provider’s ability to market and merchandise Internet services.

For Tucows this marks just a first step down the road to providing a billing and customer care solution for all service providers, including web hosting companies, and towards making it easier for service providers to include professional usability in their merchandising efforts.

These releases make it easier for service providers that use Platypus or the Tucows client code suite to automate the sale of Tucows services such as Blogware, to bundle Tucows and service provider services with greater flexibility, as well as make it easier for service providers that sell domains with Tucows to provide billing and customer care. “We are excited about these releases” said Noss “and think they start to demonstrate the way the pieces we have assembled will work together”.

About Tucows

Tucows Inc. is a provider of Internet services and downloadable software through a global distribution network of more than 6,000 service providers. These service providers primarily consist of web hosting companies, Internet service providers and providers of other services over the Internet. Tucows’ services include domain registration services, digital certificates, billing, provisioning and customer care software solutions, email and anti-spam services, Blogware and website building tools. Tucows is an accredited registrar with the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, or ICANN, and generates revenue primarily through the provision of domain registration and other Internet services to service providers who offer such services to their own customers in a process known as wholesale distribution. For more information, please visit: www.tucowsinc.com

David Woroch
Vice President, Sales
Tucows Inc.

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