TUCOWS.com Launches Worldwide ‘Feed the Penguin’ Campaign to make Linux More Accessible to End Users

TUCOWS, the Open Source Marketplace, to Promote Development of User Friendly Linux Applications

TORONTO, Canada, February 2, 2000 – TUCOWS.com Inc. (www.tucows.com), the Internet’s leading distributor of digital content, today announced the industry’s first campaign to make Linux more accessible and understandable to end users worldwide. Feed the Penguin is a campaign that will recognize software developers that either port non-Linux applications to or create new ones for more user friendly Linux platforms; offer end users the fastest downloads in the world with a rapidly growing number of Linux mirror sites; and, supply the most complete and current information on Linux for novice and experienced end users.

Feed the Penguin capitalizes on TUCOWS’ leadership position as the Open Source Marketplace to provide end users with a one-stop digital distribution destination, featuring software libraries, editorial and online support. TUCOWS’ Linux library has over 8,000 software titles. To date, there are 200 Tucows Linux affiliate partners supporting close to half a million Linux application downloads and 5 million page views per month.

“TUCOWS will contribute whenever possible to the growing acceptance of Linux as a viable mainstream software platform,” said Elliot Noss, president and CEO, TUCOWS.com Inc. “Since the launch of TUCOWS’ Linux library in March of last year, we’ve recorded over 4.8 million page views per month. And with Linux server shipments growing by as much as 190 per cent, the marketplace needs an easy-to-understand Linux resource, an online authority that places into context the industry’s rapid transformation to open-source applications. TUCOWS intends to be that online resource and marketplace.”

Together, the initiatives will seek to actively promote the adoption of Linux and other open-source software, as well as provide end users with current and relevant information on the industry – taking advantage of TUCOWS’ unique position as the leading Open Source Marketplace.

TUCOWS’ Feed the Penguin campaign will include the following initiatives:

  • New Titles – each month, Tucows Linux will profile the most user friendly new Linux applications. Each quarter, the developer of the #1 application will receive 500,000 free advertising impressions (worth approximately US$20,000).
  • Popular Request ‚Äì users will vote for the non-Linux application for which they would most like to have a Linux version. Tucows Linux will give 5,000,000 free advertising impressions (worth approximately US$ 200,000) to the developer who produces it.
  • Breed The Penguin ‚Äì Tucows‚Äô mission to double its network of 200 Tucows Linux affiliate partners in the next six months.
  • Hot List ‚Äì each month, Tucows will release its lists of top Linux downloads as a ‚Äúleader board‚Äù for users.
  • Linux Content ‚Äì application libraries, distribution libraries, how to‚Äôs, news, reviews, etc.
  • FEEDback Forum ‚Äì an initiative to filter non-technical user feedback into the development process.

About Tucows.com Inc.

TUCOWS.com has become the leading provider of software on the Internet by creating an open source marketplace which is comprehensive and easy to use. The current TUCOWS libraries include Windows, Linux, PDA/Handhelds, BeOS, Mac, Games, Themes, Music and Kids with collectively nearly 40,000 titles. TUCOWS has also established itself as the leading wholesaler of domain registration solutions through its Assigned Names Division. TUCOWS has grown to over 90 million page views per month with six million monthly unique visitors. With over 750 affiliates in 75 countries hosting the TUCOWS libraries, TUCOWS has the largest independent software distribution network in the world providing the user with a fast, local download.

Linux is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds.

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