Does Your Domain Name Have a Dirty Secret?

When it comes to choosing a domain name for your business, it helps to have a ‘dirty’ mind. Otherwise you might end up being stuck with a domain name that will get you into trouble with word-based content filters.

That’s right, if your domain name inadvertently contains a ‘naughty’ keyword or phrase, your entire Website may be blocked by content blocking filters still commonly used by large corporations, libraries, schools, and overprotective parents. Your site might also be hindered from showing up in some search engines, and some of the email messages you send from your domain could end up being blocked by spam filters.

Here are some fictitious examples of what at first appear to be innocent domain names:

  • HireThisExCopper [dot-something]
  • EssexWorld [dot-something]

Look closer, however, and you will notice that the first domain contains the word “sex” and the second contains the phrase “sex world.” Both of these domains could end up running into trouble with filters, especially the second one.

And can you spot what’s problematic with these domain names?

  • ScanAlley [dot-something]
  • CanalTours [dot-something]

Both contain the word “anal” which also poses a risk of running afoul of filters.

You get the idea…

So before deciding on your next domain name, be sure to scrutinize it carefully. Look for any and all ‘troublesome’ words and phrases. The last thing you want is to have your seemingly innocuous domain name misinterpreted by word-based content filters.

One thought on “Does Your Domain Name Have a Dirty Secret?

  1. Ed O'Donoughue

    Bots should be more discriminating so as not to pull those nasty subjexts from inside words.

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