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Today, spam filtering is a must, not an option. By some estimates, as much as 90% of mail sent is spam. The filtering that’s included in the Tucows Email Service provides effective protection for users against spam and viruses.

Spam fighting cowStarting today resellers can provision what we call “filter only” accounts inside the Tucows Email Service. Cutting to the chase, the net result is that email is sent through our filtering system, spam is redirected to a quarantine, and only the legitimate mail is then directed on to our customer’s email server.

Last fall at ISPCON in San Jose, CA, I had the opportunity to give a presentation about our experiences running Tucows Email Service. I called it “Email Nightmares: Tales from the Edge” and in that talk I showed some of the pain points that email providers run into when managing messaging services. One of the most challenging aspects I called out was managing spam.

That’s all well and good, but some email providers aren’t ready, or don’t want to move to a fully-hosted email service right now. So we came up with an alternative that allows us to provide that same level of spam and virus protection, while allowing providers to continue to use their own email infrastructure.

The benefits are threefold:

  1. You’ll sleep better at night: you can focus on running your email servers, without having to worry about things like spam filters, or blacklists.
  2. Your servers will thank you: nine out of ten messages is spam, and we’re taking care of that before you have to. As a result, your server loads drop significantly.
  3. We’ve got your back: Tucows has a dedicated Abuse Team that is actively engaged in the battle against spam. We have experience managing abuse and we’ve forged strong relationships in the industry through organizations like the Messaging Anti-Abuse Working Group (MAAWG).

Our Tucows Email Service is built for ISPs and hosting companies. The goal with this filtering only option was to provide effective filtering for our customers that ‘just works’. Resellers have the option to provide a web-based spam quarantine where users can review email flagged as spam, and manage safe- and blocked sender lists.

Our Services website has more information including a screencast demonstrating the web-based spam quarantine.

One thought on “Spam Filtering That Just Works

  1. Domain Watcher

    If Chris Dodd’s filibuster of the FISA bill goes forward in the US Senate it is quite possible that the US public may become much more aware of the violations of citizen privacy with the warrantless wiretapping that has been conducted by ATT over the past several years and there could be a business opportunity for a Canadian based company like Tucows to provide a service for US citizens who value their privacy.

    Has Tucows considered offering an email service totally based in Canada that would provide users with the security of at least knowing that a court order would be required for the US government to access their email. Michael Geist has discussed this at some length in his piece in the Toronto Star on November 26, 2007 at:

    This isn’t a matter of citizens breaking the law. This service needs to be presented as supporting the basic human right to privacy, of maintaining business communications secure, and of keeping medical records, sensitive legal, military or personal information private without a court order.

    Tucows could provide a free service that is ad supported, or a limited free service like with a premium service available for a monthly fee.

    Google has gmail. The domains for cmail (for Canada mail) or tmail (for Tucows Mail) are both available for purchase. There would be many other ways to brand a service like this.

    One way to get visibility and some good legal advice on how to implement this would be to get Mr. Geist in an advisory capacity or as a member of your board of directors.

    Tucows – We’ll keep your data safe.

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