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What we do

We do a lot. As OpenSRS, Enom, Ascio and Hover, we’re the second largest domain registrar in the world. As Ting, we’re investing to build fiber-optic Internet infrastructure across the US. And as Wavelo, we’re building simple software to make telecom a breeze.

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Tucows employee waving hello during a video call
Fiber installers bringing high-speed Internet to homes
A group of Ting employees gathered for a photo
Group of employees outside the Tucows headquarters in Toronto, Canada.

Who we are

We’re a team of smart, skilled people united in our belief of the power of the open Internet. We work at the foundation and build things both real and virtual to make the Internet better.

Inclusion at Tucows

How we’re doing

We’re an overnight success story 29 years in the making. We’re proof positive that good people doing good work nets good results. Together, we’re writing the next chapter of the Tucows story.

Tucows in the news
A Tucows employee works in a brightly lit area at a large window table

"When I joined the Tucows People Team in mid-2020 I was a bit wary about being a newbie at a fully remote company. Fortunately, I started to feel like one of the “herd,” cow puns and all, very quickly. Working with talented and innovative colleagues is genuinely inspiring, but the inclusivity and respect for everyone’s input made me realize that this company is something special.

It is also the kind and supportive community that has seen me through some challenging personal times and always made clear that Tucows doesn’t just pay lip service to work/life balance. Well-being and family absolutely come first. So after some initial hesitance, I have come to love the work-from-anywhere policy, which means I can work from the cottage, and what’s not better at the cottage? Plus, I have amazing colleagues who have become friends and work I love and feel valued for.

The time that I have worked at this progressive company has changed the way I think about work and been such a great fit in allowing me to be the parent I want to be and shape a life that suits the individual I am."

Marianne enjoying a quiet coffee moment at her cottage
Marianne McNeil
People Coordinator | Tucows

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