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Who are we?

At Tucows, we are #MakingTheInternetBetter by improving how people across the world access, navigate, and connect to the internet - and we’re looking for new talent! 👋

We started as a simple shareware site in 1993 and have grown into a stable of companies, becoming possibly the biggest internet company you’ve never heard of.

Through our three distinct businesses, we specialize in domain services (Tucows Domains), Fiber Internet (Ting Internet) and SaaS telecom software (Wavelo).

Open roles for students
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So what’s it really like working at Tucows?

At Tucows, you can expect to be part of a team with a strong people-first culture that works to protect the Open Internet, narrow the digital divide, and support fairness and equality.

But, don’t just take our word for it…

“Ever since I joined Tucows, I’ve felt my well-being improve and started developing a harmonious work-life balance. This was something I rarely experienced before because let’s be honest, being a university student can take a huge toll on someone mentally and the scale is weighed more towards work. However, with Tucows, I was offered flexible scheduling, a reasonable amount of workload without having to exert myself, and the ability to work anywhere I wanted.”

Read about Jenny’s experience with us
Jenny Ho
Jr. Software Engineering Intern

“Starting a new job can be nerve racking but since my first day it’s felt like home. In any job roadblocks are inevitable and with the help of all the amazing people in our herd, they simply become road signs instead. I work with the most outstanding team everyday and I couldn’t be more grateful for their support in guiding me through the first steps of my career.”

Sam Teehan
Financial Analyst, Intern
Sam Teehan
Financial Analyst, Intern

“My experience at Tucows has been fun and exciting from day one. I have had the chance to try my hand at solving interesting problems that I otherwise would not have the opportunity to tackle. Tucows provides you with many resources to help with your work, but the most important resource here is people. The extremely friendly and welcoming environment ensures that it is easy to learn from and teach others, and improve your knowledge and skills in a collaborative way.”

Aidan Mariglia
Jr. DevOps Intern
Aidan Mariglia
Jr. DevOps Intern


Our dedication to you

When we hire students, we’re deliberate about providing you with the opportunities to grow, challenge yourself, and leave a lasting mark on the work you’re passionate about pursuing.

Working with us means you’re part of the Herd! This means you get a real shot at:



You’ll contribute to ongoing projects that improve how people everywhere access, connect to, and experience the internet. Your work will make a tangible impact on the everyday lives of real-life people, families, small businesses, and communities.



You’ll work alongside a team of mentors who will help prepare and guide you through your learning and development journey.



From our interview process to our employee resource groups, we’re focused on ensuring Tucows is a workplace where everyone feels empowered to make a difference.



With us, there are no limits to how you can unlock your potential. From internal job boards, learning reimbursement funds, and cross-functional projects, we pride ourselves on providing various internal opportunities that help our employees define their trajectory.

Competitive salaries


We don’t believe in free work. All Tucows and Co., internships and co-ops are paid because your contribution matters.

Join us in #MakingTheInternetBetter

If you love the Internet and you want to contribute rather than just consume, we should talk.

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