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TCX Business Reporting Transition Overview

Starting in Q1, 2022 Tucows started reporting as separate businesses—Ting, Wavelo and Tucows Domains—in addition to Tucows Corporate. The video provides detail on the rationale for this change.

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Building Ting Networks: Process & Capex

Ting’s Chief Networks Officer, Jason Smith, and Tucows President and CEO, Elliot Noss provide an overview of timeline, process and financials of building a Ting city-wide fiber network, including how and when capex is spent, and addresses become serviceable.

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Ting Fiber: Holly Springs Market Study

CEO Elliot Noss takes a deep dive into Ting’s economics as markets grow and mature, using the first Ting-owned, city-wide build, Holly Springs, NC, as a case study.

Does Ting prefer to own or to lease FTTH networks?

CEO Elliot Noss responds to an investor question about the models Ting utilizes–owning and leasing Fiber-to-the-home networks.

How does wireless compare to fiber for Internet access?

CEO Elliot Noss discusses wireless and fiber technologies, their capacities, and their roles in the current and future delivery of internet service.