When it comes to benefits, we look at the whole picture

Making remote work, work

Most of our roles are fully remote. Meaning you can work from where you feel most productive1.

From flexible work hours and an asynchronous approach to work, we’ve built a truly remote-first culture. Plus, qualifying employees receive a "Distributed Workplace Bonus"2 to help make their home office work.

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Tucows employee lifting weights at a Crossfit gym
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Benefits that benefit everyone

We offer comprehensive and flexible benefits that ensure your benefits work for what matters most (health, vision, dental, and more).

Employees in certain regions will also receive annual Flexible Health Spending and Lifestyle Spending dollars to help you do more of what’s best for you.

"It’s often said that variety is the spice of life, and I can wholeheartedly say that there has never been a dull moment working at Tucows and I’ve had the pleasure of working with some amazing and talented people along the way.

When I started as a customer advisor back in 2013, I always felt like I had a “seat at the table.” My position on the org chart was never an obstacle or a source of contention. I remember attending stand ups and sprint planning sessions and demos. I remember interacting with Product, Engineering, and Marketing teams. I remember going for lunch with the VP of Marketing. I never felt like I had to stay in my lane - I was always encouraged to speak up, to contribute, to participate and it was always received with respect and appreciation.

Now, working for Wavelo 8.5 years after I started with Tucows, I am so passionate about curating a similar experience for my team: making sure they have access to people that can help them, asking them for their opinions, letting them take the wheel and go for a spin, letting them make mistakes and learn from them. I trust my team. I love that my team brings their authentic selves to work every day and that is what makes us so unique. Everyone has so much to offer and everyone deserves a chance.

People have different definitions of “teamwork”, but we embody it every day in everything we do."

Keith enjoying the view on a rock climbing adventure
Keith Beegan
Head of Customer Experience | Wavelo

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