We really, really like the Open Internet

Everything we build, make and do is on the Internet but that’s not the only reason we think the Internet is important.

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Our Story

Tucows started in 1993 by changing not just how people connected to the Internet but also who could get online.

A women stands in the surf at sunset, rolling waves behind her, carrying a surfboard branded with the Ting logo

We continue to push for change at every level of the Internet. Collectively, we manage tens of millions of domain names from .com to .xyz and work with tens of thousands of resellers (OpenSRS, Enom). We eliminate all the ugliness from buying and owning your domain and email (Hover).

We changed what people expect from mobile phone service (Ting Mobile). We’re changing the way entire cities connect to and think about the Internet as we build and light true fiber to the premises networks across North America (Ting Internet).

We’re a collection of scrappy, stable, little, big brands. Together, we’re an overnight success story 29 years in the making and we’re a long way from finished.

Tucows employee working from home accompanied by their cat
Dave Singh our CFO working in the Tucows office.

Our beliefs

The Internet

The Open Internet is an agent for positive change. It belongs to everyone and no one. We will help it to resist all attempts at ownership.


We see and celebrate innovation and creativity in every employee, customer and partner we work with. We try stuff and we capitalize.


We’re building things for people, not for machines. We choose simplicity over complexity every time.

We > Me

We are a mix of people working together to solve problems big and small. Together, we’re stronger, smarter and better. We beats me.

"When I joined the Tucows People Team in mid-2020 I was a bit wary about being a newbie at a fully remote company. Fortunately, I started to feel like one of the “herd,” cow puns and all, very quickly. Working with talented and innovative colleagues is genuinely inspiring, but the inclusivity and respect for everyone’s input made me realize that this company is something special.

It is also the kind and supportive community that has seen me through some challenging personal times and always made clear that Tucows doesn’t just pay lip service to work/life balance. Well-being and family absolutely come first. So after some initial hesitance, I have come to love the work-from-anywhere policy, which means I can work from the cottage, and what’s not better at the cottage? Plus, I have amazing colleagues who have become friends and work I love and feel valued for.

The time that I have worked at this progressive company has changed the way I think about work and been such a great fit in allowing me to be the parent I want to be and shape a life that suits the individual I am."

Marianne enjoying a quiet coffee moment at her cottage
Marianne McNeil
People Coordinator | Tucows

Join the Herd

If you love the Internet and you want to contribute rather than just consume, we should talk.

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