Culture at Tucows

What does it feel like to work here?

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First, who is Tucows?

We may be the biggest internet company you’ve never heard of.
*cough* we’ve never been much for self-promotion
Retro desktop computer displaying the original Tucows website circa the 1990s

What we do is part of the backbone of the Internet.

Started in 1993 at the dawn of Internet

And we’re committed to making the Internet better.

What does that mean?
Answer: next slide, tada!

We care about protecting the open Internet, narrowing the digital divide, and supporting fairness and equality.

We really care about doing our part.

That’s a wee bit about Tucows, the company.

Next, comes our People

And People
come first

We know we can't do anything without great people.

We’re flexible, because whatever works for you is what is important to us.

Most of us have no idea how to juggle, so let’s keep it as simple as possible.

We bring our true selves to work.

We welcome new ideas, different lived experiences, and new ways of thinking.
Challenging the status quo is the way for us to grow.

We stand for inclusion and respect.

We’re authentic.

You'll meet all kinds of people at Tucows. We love working with people who are able to be themselves.
Work friends are gold

We care.

Work right now can feel particularly hard as the world evolves.
We offer support like:
Daily mindfulness sessions, free meditation app, flexible benefits, coaching, mentoring and more good stuff.

People came first

Next, how we work together

How we work

Remotely! Thank goodness for the Internet, eh?


Definitely, we before me.

Do the right thing.

If we see something on the floor (metaphorically), we pick it up.


With each other and our customers.
Fair = an exchange where both parties feel satisfied and respected

We're ambitious and brave.

We bravely go in new directions. This means we’re a financially secure company with a start-up or two in development.

We love the excitement of building something new.

This brings new challenges and leading edge work.

Lots of room to grow.

People first + How we work =
a thriving company

Tucows has a culture of growth.

Not just business growth, but people growth.

Learning new skills, having new experiences, expanding our abilities.

Thriving, not surviving.

We empower you to take on new challenges, try new things, and make mistakes.

Quick: think about a work mistake that taught you a lot!

We're a bunch of heavy lifters.

Slackers, please don’t apply. You won’t like it.

The work we do at Tucows, changes lives.

If that sounds inspiring, join the herd today!
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