Tucows statement regarding the industry Framework to Address Abuse of the DNS

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October 22, 2019

There are a bunch of reasons that we, as a private company working at such a fundamental level of the Internet as the domain name system (DNS), don’t act on content concerns unless compelled by much more than public backlash. None of those reasons are related to money, because we want to protect bad actors online, or because we agree with anything they have to say.

The industry document Framework to Address Abuse was created by a handful of leading DNS operators including Tucows, Amazon, GoDaddy, Donuts, and Afilias. It is the best source to understand how, when, and why these private companies may exercise their authority to deny access to the public DNS.

Our compliance team carefully evaluates all DNS abuse reports that are submitted. In cases where there is evidence of abuse that falls into the Framework, we can and do act to deny access to the DNS via the Tucows platform.

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